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300 Copies AutographedNot sure if you heard…but, last week From Fear To Faith: A Survivor’s Story made it to #18 on Amazon’s Hot 100 List for Inspirational e-books!!! That’s awesome news, but I want to explain my REAL GOAL.

Just last night, my wife and I received a call from a dear friend whose family member has been struggling in their battle with the “c” word. They asked if I could share details of my experience and what I did to help my health care providers “help me” to overcome it.

That is part of the reason I wrote the book. I’ve told this story countless times and wanted a simple platform to help others.  It’s not just an account of my life during that time…I discuss what I did, along with how I struggled, prayed and ultimately moved from Fear To Faith.

Finally, in writing “From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story,” my ultimate goal was (and is) to inspire others to believe that they could overcome the uncertainty that comes not only with a “c-word” diagnosis, but with any difficult situation they might face.  If you want to consider doing what I did, consider writing your own ending… what YOU want to happen in YOUR LIFE.  Don’t wonder about it; write it and recite it, daily… several times per day.  Speak your ending until you believe it, because that is the point where it will become a part of you… become who you are.  If you write it, read it, speak it and believe it, eventually it will become your reality.  Write your ending, write your plan, then commit to the hard work and dedication necessary to achieve it.

If you prefer the Kindle version of “From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story,” you can download it here (also coming soon to Nook (Barnes and Noble Digital Format) and iBooks (Apple Digital Format)).

The print version will be shipping out April 23 and I will autograph the first 300 books!! You can reserve yours now in our presale! We’ve already had hundreds of people express their interest in the printed version. (Since you are on our VIP list of folks that previewed the book, I don’t want you to miss out.)

So…TAKE ACTION TODAY and pre-order your autographed copy(s)!!!. You can have them personalized for whomever you would like and we will ship them to you to share with family and friends.

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Last but not least, while the theme of “From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story” is somewhat heavy in nature, I think you’ll also find the book entertaining in many ways.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed telling the story.

One Love,
Matt D Talford

***Autographed books will ship April 23, 2015***

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