TWO Great Books To Choose From This Holiday Season!

CAPTAIN’S MATE: A Practical Guide for Tennis Captains, League Players & Highschool Coaches

A book that is destined to be one of the top tennis instructional manuals ever sold!  No other book currently available prepares the USTA (United States Tennis Association) league player, captain or high school tennis coach for organized tennis quite like it!  If you’ve ever looked for structured guidance on how to prepare a team (or yourself) for the mental rigors of competitive tennis, look no further. Tennis pros teach you how to play the game; “Captain’s Mate” will teach you how to be a leader—both on the court and off!

What Advanced Readers Said…

Captain’s Mate is a must read for anyone considering becoming a team tennis captain!!  This is a great learning tool.Walter Fournet
USTA Adult League Captain and Player
In reading Captain’s Mate I couldn’t help but smile and think, ‘I have been there’ and ‘where was this book when I first started to captain?’ Matt has an amazing talent for analyzing a problem and working it out. I have known him for over a decade and his respect for the game of tennis and passion for the sport make him a joy to be around. ‘Captain’s Mate’ is a must for anyone wanting to captain a tennis team and is a great read for players, captains and coordinators alike, both new and seasoned.Susan Csencits
Adult League Player, Captain and Local League Coordinator for Mixed & Combo Doubles USTA-South Carolina
Captain’s Mate is a great read!  I have recommended it to all of my club team captains as well as my high school tennis coach!Shawn Conyers
Executive Director of Tennis Cold Spring Swim and Tennis Club, Baltimore, MD

From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story

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This second edition of the multiple-award-winning book will strap you into the front seat with the author and take you for a ride in a story so vivid, you may feel like you were there to witness it!  From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story” is a story of love, hope and determination.  

In 2010, at the age of 37, he began feeling a “constant ticking” inside his body, completely unaware that what he was feeling was a virtual “time bomb” that could explode at any moment.  Seven months later when diagnosed with a rare and malignant form of “The C Word,” he quietly reassured himself that time was his ally, while constantly battling against the growing tide of voices whispering, “Don’t wait; it might be too late!”

Written in a style that had one reader say, “I thought I was reading a novel,” From Fear to Faith is not the typical memoir.  When asked to describe the story, the author calls it, “A saga that I hope will inspire everyone who reads it to take charge of their situation, and understand that fear in the negative produces negative outcomes, while faith in the positive brings about positive outcomes.  Every individual has the power to create their own realities; they just have to believe in them!”

What Readers Said…

Truly inspirational testimony!  The author did a great job of taking me on his emotional journey.  For much of it, I felt like I was right there with him!L. Ross
Amazon Reviewer
This book is an easy read, and sucks you right in!  I started reading planning to get thru the first few chapters, and could not put it down and read the whole book in one sitting.  Author does a great job making you feel as though you are on the journey with himAmy S.
Amazon Reviewer
A captivating read!Peter R.
Amazon Reviewer
The candid, first person view from the author gives you insight to a battle that can happen to anyone, at any time.  Whether faced with the ‘C-Word’, or any other intense situation, the words on the pages can give you motivation to push through.Matt W.
Amazon Reviewer