On a night when Madison Square Garden honored the coach and starting five of the 1983-84 New York Knicks, honoree and former coach Hubie Brown stopped by the broadcast table and put on a headset.  After a brief stroll down memory lane, the former coach was asked his opinion of the current, triangle offense: the […]

Tennis and Friendships

Facebook Anniversary: Scott F: Friends for 6 Years

  Facebook says we became friends six years ago, but I’ve known Scott a lot longer (since 2004 perhaps). Anyway, I remember the first time I met him… I didn’t know him back then, but we were both members at the Tega Cay Tennis Club. I knew his wife Susan because she and I both […]

Who Says You Have to Finish All Your Food?

Those of you who have followed me on this blog and on social media know that I’m an inspirational writer, committed to positivity, healthy eating and healthy living; but in today’s article, I am not talking about food, literally. Theoretically speaking, quarterback Cam Newton (by some accounts) got up and left the table without finishing […]

Be Your Best: You Never Know Who You Might Inspire

Last week while bowling in a sanctioned league made up of mostly retirees: seasoned bowlers who make me wish I had named our three-man team, “The Bad News Bears” (after the fictitious little league baseball team that was the subject of the 1970’s film bearing the same name–pun not intended), I learned another valuable life […]

Tennis and Life: What I Learned On the Court This Past Weekend

#tennis #usta #stayfocused   Let me first begin by saying, once again, I have learned the bitter feeling shared by championship players from all sports disciplines, who make it all the way from the season opener to the final, only to falter when the sweet championship trophy is just within reach.  Before I go into […]

Broken Racquets and Gratitude

How a Simple Facebook Post Changed My Life

  About two weeks ago, I reached a climax of sorts while playing a “friendly” tennis match. Now for those of you who know me personally, reading the title of this article might lead you to say, “Seriously Matt?? Another broken racquet??” Well, not this time. Though I came close, I resigned myself to tossing […]

Wimbledon 2015: Venus, Serena and the Cruelty of the Draw

Monday, July 6, 2015: 12:05am EDT – If you’re a fan of professional tennis and a fan of arguably the two most famous sisters to ever take the court, one of the first things that probably jumped out at you when the Wimbledon Ladies Singles Draw was released was the possibility that the Williams sisters: Venus […]

Winning Isn’t Everything

Happy Monday! So, we’ve all heard the phrase that is the title of this post a thousand times or more: “Winning isn’t everything;” and in most of those cases, it seems it’s the guy who lost that utters those words.  Well, I won’t hold you in suspense by making you think the opposite is the […]