Army EFMB Memories

A Soldier Reminisces

While browsing Facebook recently, I read an article and watched a video about an Army captain who collapsed near the finish line at her EFMB road march, the final stage of the U.S. Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge training and field trials.  The article (link at bottom of this page) appears to be at least a […]


On a night when Madison Square Garden honored the coach and starting five of the 1983-84 New York Knicks, honoree and former coach Hubie Brown stopped by the broadcast table and put on a headset.  After a brief stroll down memory lane, the former coach was asked his opinion of the current, triangle offense: the […]

Tennis and Friendships

Facebook Anniversary: Scott F: Friends for 6 Years

  Facebook says we became friends six years ago, but I’ve known Scott a lot longer (since 2004 perhaps). Anyway, I remember the first time I met him… I didn’t know him back then, but we were both members at the Tega Cay Tennis Club. I knew his wife Susan because she and I both […]

Fighting Back

VLOG: Wednesday, 12/28/2016

2016 has certainly been a tough one with regards to loss.  One would have to use the fingers and toes of both hands and feet to count the number of high profile personalities that were lost this year.  Several people whom I know very well have lost either friends or family to chronic illness, and after […]

A Bittersweet Milestone

Today marks a major milestone in my journey. It was Thursday, April 21st, 2011, that I received what was technically a life-saving operation to remove a completely obstructed section of my small intestine, which had been affected by the presence of a tumor that was described to me as “a silent killer.” With each day […]

Alright, Alright; Keep It Moving!

If you were to close your eyes and imagine just about any 1980’s film set in New York City, you probably heard the title of this article recited by someone blowing a whistle, portraying an NYPD traffic cop.  Well, this article is not a tribute to those nostalgic screen gems, but in the spirit of […]

Journey From Fear To Faith

My Interview with

According to a New York Times op-ed written by Duke University Medical Center psychiatrist Damon Tweety, “black men are seven times more likely than white men to receive a diagnosis of H.I.V. and more than twice as likely to die of prostate cancer.” With that said, health education and inspiring men to go see the […]

Man Eating Breakfast