13 Quick Ways To Keep Your Cool When Your Faith Is Under Fire

13 Quick Tips

Here are 13  Quick Ways To Keep Your Cool When Your Faith Is Under Fire:

There was a point in my life when it was hard for me to answer this question because everything in my life was going well. I had a beautiful wife, a corporate career with a nice salary, great friends and an active social life. Suddenly, something entered my life that seemed insurmountable to human eyes, and seemingly impossible to overcome. It wasn’t until I turned around and remembered God’s words that I realized that even after receiving a grim diagnosis, those words didn’t define who I was. I chose #FaithOverFear and decided I would fight against anything that tried to make me lose my faith in my body being healed.

Here are the 13 Quick Tips

  1. Breathe When The News You Receive Isn’t What You Want To Hear.
  2. Don’t allow panic to hit you when you hear bad news.
  3. Take a deep breath and focus on being still in the midst of your storm.
  4. Don’t listen to anyone that goes against what your true goals are.
  5. Find an advocate or prayer partner.
  6. People you love will try to “help.” If they’re panicked then politely hang up the phone.
  7. Find a moment to have silence
  8. Feed your mind positive thoughts
  9. Journal daily
  10. Listen to positive music
  11. Take a walk and relax your mind
  12. State your affirmations
  13. Find a support group

Keep the faith!!! -Matt

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